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ASTM WK 2843, Polyolefin-Based Outdoor Structural-Grade Plastic Lumber ASTM WK 2501, Polymeric Piles ASTM WK 1202, Guidelines for Evaluating the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Wood-Plastic Composite Products ASTM WK 1203 About the .

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Wood-plastic composite (WPCs) products are made from wood lumbers and plastics of various types, mixed with other ingredients, such as ultraviolet stabilizers, pigments, lubricants, and biocides, which are then heated and pressed, extruded, or injection .

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As an alternative to natural wood, composite fibre plastic material offers a practical middle ground and can be used to replace timber in some applications. .

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Structural Composite Lumber: An engineered wood product designed for structural use, SCL is manufactured from wood strands or veneers bonded with adhesives and created using a layering technique where the outcome is a block known as a billet. Similar to .

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MacLumber Inc is a composite plastic lumber manufacturer. MacLumber offers several lines of recycled plastic resin lumber for decks, docks, landscaping, outdoor furniture and many other non-structural uses. Low maintenance but assembles just like wood!

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Bedford Technology is the leading manufacturer of premium, structural and reinforced HDPE plastic lumber. Smarter lumber with a 50 year warranty. .

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Structural plastic lumber comes in multiple surface options and although is not a direct replacement for wood, it has many different advantages. Structural plastic lumber comes in multiple surface options and although is not a direct replacement for wood, .


DESIGN AND FATIGUE OF A STRUCTURAL WOOD-PLASTIC COMPOSITE By Andrew Edward Slaughter A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE IN CIVIL ENGINEERING WASHINGTON STATE .

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A basic overview of the manufacture, specification, and applications of structural composite lumber (SCL), including technical publications and a list of SCL manufacturers. APA The Engineered Wood Association .

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Our composite formulas brings together the best qualities of wood and plastic to create a superior alternative to wood: Plastic shields the wood from moisture and insect damage, .

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2This paper describes the structural performance of an innovative wood plastic composite (WPC) sheet piling. Tensile coupon tests were performed to determine tensile strength and modulus over a range of strain rates for both WPC and specimens cut from commercially available vinyl sheet piles. Full

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Federal, State & County public wetland & waterfront projects such as boardwalks, nature walks or bridge pier protection projects which issue specifications for structural plastic lumber products that can withstand the high traffic and volume of visitors are ideal .

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A composite material (also called a composition material or shortened to composite, which is the common name) . wood plastic composite (recycled wood fibre in polyethylene matrix), Pykrete (sawdust in ice matrix), Plastic-impregnated or laminated paper , . .

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the first product of its kind to combine the benefits of plastic lumber with the structural strength similar to wood. TriMax Structural Plastic Lumber is a cost effective solution for many of your Marine applications. TriMax Textures Now you can enhance any .