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Juliet Balcony Handrail - Wood Railing

This intricate wood railing is installed on the front balcony of a home in Wisconsin. ... Our friends in Wisconsin used the balcony to accent their front door, and it also creates a lovely shelter from the elements for the doorway.

Porch Railing Height, Building Code vs Curb Appeal

Porch railing height for historic porch designs. Balustrade design and style of architecture. Never use 36" building code porch rail height too high ...

Decks . Deck Railing Height

Deck Railing Height All decks greater than 30" above grade must have a guardrail. If you choose to install a guardrail on a deck lower than 30" you must still meet code requirements. ...

Deck Railing Height Diagrams & Code Tips - Decksgo

Deck railing height diagrams show residential building code height and dimensions before you build. USA and Canada. decksgo Menu Find A Builder Videos ...

Balcony Wood Railing Houzz

Houzz has the largest collection of home design photos and inspiration, including Balcony Wood Railing, for your next project. Browse our collection of 283 Balcony Wood Railing to get inspired and kick your project off.

Balcony Railing Ideas How to Choose Railings for Balcony

The standard 2×2 wood railing is the type most often chosen for balcony railing. And there is certainly a good reason for that. The wooden railing is an inexpensive option, it is both convenient and modern and gives a bucolic look to a balcony. But do not forget that ...

Balcony Railing Height Requirements Hunker

The International Residential Code requires balcony railings to be 36 inches high for homes. For business or fencing use, the railings should be 42 or 48 inches. Each community has different height requirements to determine if the porch or balcony requires railings.