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I'm designing a building that is on a site with expansive clay soil. Deep foundations (drilled shafts) and grade beams will support a structural slab at the gro Download your FREE White Paper .

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SLAB VOIDS, Slab Void Installing, Waterproof SuperVoid Void Forms Carton Forms For Casting Structural Concrete Video WaterProof Advantage SuperVoid Forms Car.

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The PolyVoid compressible void former should be used in conjunction with a suspended concrete slab design. That said, given that it is the same dimensions as that of a waffle pod, it can certainly be used in lieu on a conventional waffle design. It is important to note .

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Flood Super Wideslab with attached EPS void formers that allows the slab to span further and reduces the unit self weight. . Reduced beam depth (up to 25%) Flood Super Voidslab can be designed to work compositely with steel and in-situ25%. .

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Concrete Forming Slab Forming & Accessories Wall Forming Insulation & Void Form Above Grade Expanded Polystyrene . Spray Insulation Void Form Concrete Repair Products Concrete Cutting & Coring Tarps & Polyethelene Safety & Miscellaneous Specials .

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Bubbledeck is proprietary type of biaxial voided slab, an innovative structural concrete system. . Bubbledeck slabs resemble many I beam shapes stitched together when viewed in section cut in either orthogonal direction. Concrete mass is concentrated at .

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Protect Concrete Slab Floors with the Clayboard Void Former Shopping Cart Categories Categories by type of material: . purpose is to absorb clay movement and thus prevent the increased pressure added to the building foundation and on the concrete slab .

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Large span concrete flat-slab systems with internal spherical void formers (SVF) have been used in Europe for over a decade. . In a reinforced concrete beam without web reinforcement, the external transverse force is resisted mainly by combining three V cz .

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Heave Stopper is the environmentally friendly void former for use under reinforced concrete foundations. Heave Stopper clay boards protect concrete foundations from clay heave and ground movement. . Using Heave Stopper protects your buildings against the forces .

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Void Forms Used with Caisson-Supported Foundations to Prevent Heaving in Expansion Soils By Concrete Construction Staff Download the PDF version of this article .

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It was initially decided to pour a test slab over 4 sets of void boxes. Each box was 4 ft x 4 ft x 8 in deep. . top of them, one had fully waxed SureVoid beam boxes and one had a Savway slab box. The purpose of using the waterbeds was an attempt to to test an .

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Provides an excellent moisture barrier under slab void that can be vented in soil with high water content; . CUPOLEX FORM PONTEX INTERNAL RIB BEAM FORM CUPOLEX CONCRETE SLAB The CUPOLEX floor slab can be fully suspended on .

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System Components Job Site Photos Literature & Videos Contact Us General Description SlabVoid is a corrugated paper carton void form that helps eliminate severe damage to a structural concrete slab by creating a space between the slab and underlying .

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GRADE BEAM VOIDS, Installing, Jobsite Cutting, Waterproof SuperVoid Void Forms Carton Forms For Casting Structural Concrete Grade Beam Foundation Video, Photos WaterProof Advantage SuperVoid Forms Carton Forms Installed Concrete Construction .

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Our unique sustainable honeycomb board solutions create a technically sound void, solving ground movement issues and preventing structural damage caused to foundations by clay heave. The honeycomb core is set between lightweight polypropylene facings and .


The Voidcon suspended concrete slab system is our concept, the brainchild of Voidcon founder Andries Botha. It is a composite suspended slab system, which consists of galvanized steel profiles laid into position, and then concrete is poured into the profile. Read .

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SIP Concrete Deck forms Full Depth Deck Slabs Full Depth Deck Slab Project Profiles Environmental Infrastructure Large Diameter Process Treatment Tanks Misc Architectural Products Technical Information .

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Cobiax USA Inc. offers the voided slab method that allows biaxial reinforcement while reducing the self weight by eliminating the concrete in the areas it is not required. .

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As a voided biaxial slab (with spheres only) acts like a solid slab, the fire resistance is just a matter of the amount of concrete layer. . joined together with vertical lattice girders with the void formers trapped between the top and bottom mesh reinforcement to fix .