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John Shelley Illustration

International British-born illustrator based in Japan. Work ranges from advertising to editorial, children's books and character merchandising.

Reade Advanced Materials

Manufacturer, value add custom processor / packager, and "factory packed" global distributor of specialty chemical solids (metal, alloy, ceramic, mineral, composite, polymer, abrasive, oxides, nano, coatings, enzymes, magnetic, conductive).

PhotoGuide Japan

Searchable chronology of events in the history of Japanese photography. The chronology spans from 1646 to present.

Flags of Our Fathers

Information on the Battle of Iwo Jima from Japan's strategy to the American's strategy and eventual victory. Includes photos of the flag raising and recommended movies.

Japan Cars and Trucks

Used cars and trucks exporters to all over the world with 17 years experience.

Secret of WWII Revealed

Provides a manuscript, flight map, and photos on the third bombing attack of Japan six days after Nagasaki. This attack was kept secret until 1985.


Provides biomaterials for implantable medical devices and produces PEEK-OPTIMA polymer, a biocompatible material for long term implantation.

Creative Xpress

Features scrapbooking, wood, books, home decor and craft items. Large selection of Provo Craft products and stamping supplies.

When the Earth Caught Fire

An overview and examination of the months following the bombing of Japan and the emotional conflict of American scientists, politicians, and the general public. Includes a bibliography.

Chip Chats

National Wood Carvers Association site with membership information, excerpts from their publication, and related links.

Wood Web

Offers resources, articles, forums, and exchanges.

East Japan Railway

Offers ticket and network information, including a downloadable map of their network. Also provides investor and company information. Available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

Prisoner of War Camp #1: Fukuoka, Japan

"An Insight into Life and Death at a POW Camp in War-time Japan" by Wes Injerd. Focuses on case records, maps, memos, and depositions.